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Elli is having her first major exhibition :

Elli invitation

With her permission – and because this month belongs to Elli – features here the introduction in the catalogue of the upcoming exhibition:

“For me, my time in Cyprus under Stass Paraskos, was one of the most important experiences in four decades as an artist. Now I am excited to see the work being done by artists around the world who were students of Professor Paraskos, and also by artists in Cyprus today.”

Artist, Elli Lestas, is building a body of work that I have seen evolve into an experience that is more than the sum of its parts. Each piece integrated into the whole, brings intrigue to the viewer’s mind, questions, experiences, and thoughts on a wide range of topics, and with the modern art-world today, disintegrated into a myriad of contradictory values, this body of work is becoming an expression of an artist working at the forefront of authenticity, with a wholeness of vision that is instructive, and brings hope into the world of art. Elli is an artist whose work teaches us something about the human condition today on this planet, and where we are going.

As a professor of art, design, and art history, I am seeing some artists today creating something that intrigues me. It’s been done before, but I am seeing something different in some of these artists today. The art becomes a multi-dimensional world in the mind of the attentive viewer, whereby many aspects of art, culture, philosophy, history, current events, nature, all come together in a kind of transcendental experience that is foundational to all of that. Elli Lestas’ work achieves this. Some aspects of this are more stated, such as exploring both abstract art, 3D & 2D representational art, painting, sculptural elements, sometimes straddling the line between fine art and applied art. The latter is a bold action, and the artist is strong enough in her conviction to achieve a unified result.
“Multi-dimensional”, the way I am using the term, does not mean multi-media however, although that is often part of it. What the viewer discovers with Eilli Lestas’ work are dimensions and avenues to the human psyche today, and to our rapidly changing world, connecting her love of nature and art, with her interest in how the observer and observed are understood in modern science – in this context the experiential wholeness of the artist (or viewer) and the artwork.

Her interest in discovering the energy behind the creative act and how the viewer can experience this junction-point between the expressed consciousness and the quantum, or abstract, universal nature of our consciousness, does not influence her art as some artists are prone to. Rather, the theory is a verification of the authentic instinct of an artist, and that’s as it should be. Such an exploration could be sentimental in the hands of another artist, but what the heart, or refined feeling level perceives at the authentic level of consciousness, is not fleeting or sentimental. It sees the reality of the time. The intellect analyses what is seen by these more fundamental/primordial experiences, in order to make sense of it in a useful pragmatic way, but that analysis does not change the visceral experience our inner construct has as it collides with the reality of living in nature (this universe) as a product of nature.

That cutting-edge, between the individual nature and universal nature is where the artist lives, and it is clear to me that this is where Ms Lestas’ work exists. That collision is not easy, it is never certain, and always in flux, changing under-foot. To work at that level is the most inspiring level. As a society, we have finished with the journey of the post-modernist era, and learned so much from those pioneers and giants of the previous era. Today, with those lessons learned, we can look deeper at all the aspects of our soul, not just those that fitted the exploration of the time. The body of work that Elli Lestas is building is a type of art that I have become more and more enamored by. Rather than paring down the expression to its basic forms or denying experience over here, and then over there, this body of work is part of a new genre in art that I am calling ‘multi-dimensional’, unconstrained, but centered in a unified vision, specified in terms, but multi-faceted in scope. I hope you will enjoy exploring this body of work, connecting to Elli’s profound vision, and experiencing some of the universal wisdom that comes with it.
~ Tom Barlow – Professor art, digital art, design, and art history, at Champlain College in Vermont, USA.


Elli Lestas was born in London where she completed her Foundation Course at Ravensbourne College of Design, followed by a BA Degree in Textile Design at Camberwell College of Art. She then worked as a lecturer of Textiles at the London College of Fashion for 6 years. Finally, she completed her studies at University of London Goldsmiths’ College with an MA in Fine Art .

Selected group exhibitions in London and greater UK include the Adam Gallery, Lamont Gallery, Islington Museum Gallery, Goldsmiths College, Association of Illustrators, Café Gallery SE 16, South London Art Gallery, and Churchill Library in Bromley, Kent.

Elli now lives and works in Paphos, Cyprus where she has participated in exhibitions at Kyklos Gallery, Paphos, “Women in Art” at En Plo Gallery, Paphos, “Art of Denial” a contemporary art exhibition in Paphos, the 5th E.KA.TE members’ Exhibition in Limassol, “Second Thoughts” at Cyprus College of Art/Conaro Institute, Larnaca and currently, Blue Iris Gallery in Paphos.

In 2011 she set up a purpose-built studio known as ”ROOM for ART” in Coral Bay, Paphos which offers art classes to adults and children, often hosting exhibitions for both the students and other artists.

Make an entry in your diary – the exhibition is a MUST see!

Reef Shark  2013   Oil pastel on card  140cm x 110 cm redu Reef Shark

... with gill You can put any spin you want on it

But then for something completely different …


These actual seeds inspired Elli to go beyond the perceived …

  Son of God  Son of God


               Unlocking the potential … are YOU ready?

To learn more about Elli and her art, go to

Official Website:



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