I can’t believe we are just three weeks away from the Open Studios Weekend! Where did the time go?



When I used to have my own little art gallery in South Africa, invitations always went out three weeks ahead of the opening night for each exhibition. These happened regularly on six-weekly intervals … but I was much younger then. Also, this happened in Randburg, Johannesburg, which is 1753 metres above sea level and not humid at all. I could have done with that these last few weeks …



Do you like or dislike street art? I think there is great merit in beautifying areas in a town or city that would generally be regarded as yucky. Here in Cyprus, street artists have been busy over the last few years and there are some impressive works adorning buildings, parking lots and staircases – I was impressed! Feast your eyes here :

Do you remember the Berlin Wall?

berlin wall

When that came down, pieces of the wall were placed in museum collections and in prominent public places – one such place is in Brussels, for instance. In fact, I have a piece embedded in resin that was sold in aid of the Health Department of the DDR. Who knows, perhaps street art in Cyprus will also become part of the UNESCO Heritage Sites …


There is really not a lot of news this week – just busy getting the show on the road. My own little show is progressing slowly but this coming week will see me getting everything streamlined. I have had a wonderful friend and neighbour help me refurbish my display stands – he will be one of the artists exhibiting at my address – yes, you can look it up on www.art-en-route-cyprus.com/open-studios.html – his name is Barry Smith. Thank you, young man!

They used to look like this :


And now they look a lot more professional, like this :


Till next time, keep cool and get your show on the road!


5 thoughts on “14.8.15 – NEWS FOR THIS WEEK

  1. Oh dear Maria ,this i like very much, on white background ,,,and one can go around and has a new view all the time ,,, very good,,,greetings Christine

  2. Arggggg don’t remind me!! I’m back this week but got a full schedule upto the weekend. I will pay in the €50 by Friday Maria, hope that’s ok?

    Warmest wishes x karen x

    Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2015 16:32:01 +0000 To: kazcyprus@hotmail.co.uk

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