I had two more radio interviews this week, one with Saskia on RIK1 Radio and one with Joep on RockFM. The only one missing is Sunshine and I am still pursuing that.


If you would like to read a good article on the Open Studios Weekend, go to page 74 of this week’s Cyprus Weekly. I have already distributed it but if you are not on my email mailing list, you would not have seen the article. Please read it – everything anyone needs to know is in there. Alternatively, you could go to this link and find “Road trip with an artistic twist” : http://in-cyprus.com/ – the online article sports the wrong image!


• Have you checked your website entry? Is it all correct?
• Have you bought your balloons? These are really important for visitors to find your studio/work space. Next year we will probably have posters.
• How about the directional signage – printed out what you needed? Remember, you know how to get to your space – others have no idea! Guide them there gently.
• I have placed my directional signage inside sturdy plastic envelopes instead of having them laminated purely because of the cost factor. It works pretty well. Just remember to put staples on the open sides so that the sign doesn’t fall out!
• By this time all your invitations should have been sent out. I have seen a few snazzy ones – they used the one that I sent you and ‘embroidered’ on them – creatively!
• Got your visitors’ book ready? If not, why not?
• If you have a small (one-third of an A4 page) flyer with your vital statistics on – no, not those! – visitors may take that away with them to remind them of who they have seen. Even a photograph of yourself on this little flyer would refresh their memories. That’s my next task.


The next thing to watch out for is the public invitation in the Cyprus Mail on Thursday evening (3rd) and the printed list of participants on Friday evening (4th). I am hoping they will include the event under the Events on Saturday and Sunday as well but there are no guarantees.


Cyprus Weekly will print an updated list of participants together with the public invitation in the edition available on Friday, the 4th.


Paphos Post will print a full list of participants together with the public invitation for the month of September, and I trust that this will be available by the 3rd of September.


PALS Magazine will also print a full list of participants together with the invitation and perhaps an image or two. PALS now have a Limassol edition as well, but timing for the list to appear in that one just didn’t work – their September issue only becomes available during the week of the 7th and their August edition was going to print before the registration for participation closed. Balls up in the air …


Many websites such as Tala Community Board, Kamares Home Owners Association, Rosie Charalambous’ site (not sure of the name), Get The Kick, AngloInfo, CTO, Mary’s Dinner Club, and others are carrying the public invitations. And not forgetting Facebook!

If one thinks of the distribution figures, these sites, newspapers and magazines should give better coverage than the guides did in the past. Fingers crossed! Perhaps one day we could have front page coverage!



Well, the next blog post will be AFTER the event … there are only 135 hours to go before it all happens! Good luck to the participants! Those who are not participating, please support your fellow creators – they need you!


By the way, is anyone of you influenced by the cycles of the moon? For me, I very often feel drained two or three days before a full moon and I start recovering my energy by the afternoon of the day after the full moon. I find that during this ‘down time’ I often get inspired, simply by letting my mind wander whilst resting, especially in my writing endeavours. It would be interesting to know if anyone else has this kind of experience.


Till next time, keep going to the well …  IMG_0925a


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