09.09.15 – OVERVIEW

The Open Studios Weekend 2015 is now something of the past and I can report that we have had a

• 53.57% (15/28) happy rate,
• 17.85% (5/28) medium happy rate and
• 7.14% (2/28) unhappy rate.
• I am still waiting for feedback from 31.44% (6/28).

The feedback that I have had so far is immensely important and I thank you for your input. We have lots to work with for the next Open Studios event which will start being planned as soon as I get back from my holidays.

I would like to know how many of you would like to get together socially, have a few drinks, eat good food and TALK about stuff. I say ‘stuff’ as there are so many subjects to discuss but mainly I would like to talk about the past event and see what brainstorming we can do for 2016. If you would like to meet up somewhere, we can decide on the WHERE and the WHEN.

Here are a few of the observations:

• Glaringly obvious was the lack of Greek press coverage and that was due to the lack of a translator and the very limited time scale.
• Although we had a number of Cypriot visitors, the need for a much wider blanket was evident.
• Publicity material such as flyers and invitations also need to be in both languages.
• It is also clear that we need route planning and a printed guide, however much I hate the waste of paper.
• The use of newspapers was a good idea but unfortunately there was no control over the editorial input – the newspapers themselves decided how they wished to present that.
• Paphos Post and PALS Magazine were by far the best in doing what was needed. Unfortunately the timing for PALS in Limassol was off and they missed out on that. This will certainly be corrected in the future.
• Distribution of newspapers island-wide is huge and I think we should continue to make use of that.
• We need to get sponsorship from various directions to cover costs and I would love to hear suggestions on this point.
• The timing of the event was also not right as many people were still away on holiday and the temperatures were way too high for many people to get into their cars and visit studios.
• It would also be great if we could create a pool of resources such as printers, photographers, graphic artists, etc. who could be used.


Personally, I am not unhappy with the response to the event. The public almost unanimously applauded the return of Open Studios and many expressed their hopes that it would continue. Many used to be regular visitors to the ‘old’ Open Studios Cyprus when that was running and said that they missed the interaction with the various artists in the variety of locations. I would love to see the event taking place in all the major centres of the island. One weekend per centre in October?

I shall be unreachable until 22 September 2015 but after that, it will be full steam ahead. I feel confident that we can make this event the jewel in the crown of Cyprus culture as it should be. Pafos 2017 is going to come and go, but I would like to see Open Studios continuing for as long as I am able to make it happen.

Here are some images from various studios

1 2 6 8 10 13 14 16 18 19 20 21 22

Just to remind everyone, the Limassol ART Festival is almost here :



Until next time, this is Maria signing off.


2 thoughts on “09.09.15 – OVERVIEW

  1. It sounds as if you had a challenging time but lots to think about. Have a good rest and holiday. Gillian

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